Digimet 3A Outdoor Metronome

SKU: 5045300
Sale price$1,549.99

  • New! Audio power increased by 66% over the previous DIGIMET III
  • Remote controllable up to 50 feet and can be increased up to 300 feet
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Accents can be added within the available subdivisions (2X through 9X)
  • 100 memory presets (can be recalled on the downbeat)
  • Accents the first beat of each measure with optional high-[itched click
  • 4+ octave of audible chromatic tuning notes (A436-A444)
  • Outputs for external amplification
  • Choose from two versions
  • Single Remote System includes standard IR remote with range up to 50'
  • Dual Remote System also includes an RF remote, with range up to 300'

Remote Type: Digimet 3A with IR Remote

Remote Type