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New Affordable 6000-Watt Conductor PA System Takes the Stage

New Affordable 6000-Watt Conductor PA System Takes the Stage

In a symphony of innovation, McCormick's is thrilled to introduce a game-changing marvel – the newly imagined Conductor PA System for high school marching band performances and beyond. Priced under $7500, this audio powerhouse promises to redefine the sonic landscape for marching bands without breaking the bank. With a robust 6000 watts of power and cutting-edge features, it's poised to become the top choice for high school marching band directors seeking exceptional audio quality within budget constraints.


Unrivaled Performance, Unbeatable Price

The Conductor PA System doesn't compromise on performance, boasting 15” 2-way active loudspeakers and 18” active subwoofers. Band directors can now ensure every note, command, and nuance is heard with unparalleled clarity, rivaling the standards set by market leaders.


Tech-Savvy and User-Friendly

Equipped with built-in DSP, EQ, and Bluetooth capabilities, the Conductor PA System provides music directors with the flexibility to make seamless adjustments during rehearsals and performances. Its user-friendly interface caters to directors of all technical backgrounds, empowering them to navigate the system effortlessly for optimal sound delivery.


On the Move with the Rebel Mixer Cart

Adding to its allure is the virtually indestructible and innovative Rebel Mixer Cart, offering both mobility and convenience for performances on the move. Acting as a rugged hub for control, this cart not only houses the Conductor PA System but also provides directors with a central location to manage the audio experience conveniently. Eliminating steel makes for a huge cost saver on your bottom line.


Exceptional Quality, Unbeatable Price

What sets the Conductor PA System apart is its exceptional quality, matching that of other market leaders, yet offered at a price point that aligns with the budget constraints faced by high school marching bands. This affordability makes it an attractive option for directors with high standards, unwilling to compromise on audio excellence.


March to the Beat of Innovation

The Conductor PA System is now available for purchase, offering marching bands an affordable and high-performance solution. Step into a new era of marching arts audio with McCormick's – where innovation meets affordability. For further information, please contact

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