Current Production Timeline

McCormick's is proud to provide industry leading production times for our products in most cases. There are times where some products may take longer to produce and/or ship than we would otherwise like. We do our best to plan for known seasonal volume increases and often run extra overtime shifts, but sometimes supply and demand levels and factors outside the scope of our control necessitate us extending anticipated delivery times. This page provides information about our expected production times based on everything we know at this time. These projections consider overall customer order volumes, availability of raw materials, supply chain considerations, staffing levels, and other factors.

These are estimates and are subject to change. It is highly likely that production times will get longer in the summer, so we encourage our customers to order as early as they can.


Printed or Solid Standard-Size Flags

Printed or Solid Swing Flags, or Flags with Embellishments

Assembled (Sewn or Hybrid) Flags

Performancewear (Unitards, Dresses, Tunics, Core Top)

Marching Band Uniforms & Components

Backdrop and Front Screen Panels; Rifle Wraps



Current Expected Production Times

7 days

14 days

3 weeks

< 3 weeks

< 8 weeks

2 weeks

< 3 weeks

2 weeks

The timeframes listed above exclude holidays and are based on when an order has been received, payment has been arranged, and any designs and sizes (if applicable) have been approved. These are production times only and do not include the time spent in shipment, which will vary depending on where customers are located.