Early-Order Pricing

Many people across the country have recently experienced the impact of inflation.   McCormick’s is unfortunately not immune to this dynamic and many of our costs have been affected as well.  Our suppliers have raised the price of fabrics, inks, supplies, and other materials.  Even the cost of shipping raw materials and inventory into our facility from our suppliers has gone up.  In addition, we are paying our team members more than we were only a few years ago in order to stay competitive and fair in this job market.  Although these costs have been rising for some time, McCormick’s has held the price of regular flags flat since 2021 and has held the price of most performancewear and teamwear products flat since they were introduced between 2017-2019.  The cost increases on these products have finally gotten to the point where we are no longer able to absorb them. 


In order to reduce the impact of a price increase on these products we are implementing an early-order pricing discount for those customers who are able to place their orders before our heaviest production season in the summer.  In the summer our costs go up even further as we hire more staff, incur reduced productivity because some of that staff is less experienced, and pay significant amounts of overtime in order to keep production timelines as short as possible.  Pricing on these products will be undiscounted during that portion of the year, but customers who are able to order before the season starts can access our previous catalog prices in most cases.  


The early-order discount is $3.00 on flags, $5.00 on swing flags, and $10.00-$20.00 on teamwear and Performancewear products. 


The early-order discount will no longer be available starting on July 22. Only orders finalized (all sizes, options, approvals, payment, etc) by end of business on July 21 will be eligible for the lower pricing. We encourage customers who are able to place their orders now to do so without delay to ensure they receive the discount.


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products you have come to expect.  Thank you for your continued support.