Super Drillmaster Shoe

SKU: 6031135M10
Sale price$41.99

  • Extra-wide heel and forefoot outsole, super-snug lacing system
  • Unique Achilles Tendon notch, athletic glide ankle collar
  • Engineered tread pattern with super-stick sole compound
  • Split sole design for elegant foot articulation
  • Lifetime new pair replacement guarantee
  • Tread pattern engineered with super-stick compound
  • Available in Black only
  • Men's sizes 3-16 in all half sizes except 11.5-15.5 plus wide 11-16 in full sizes
  • Women's sizes 5-18 in all half sizes except 13.5-17.5 plus wide 13-18 in full sizes

  • Color: Black


    Size: Men's 10 / Women's 12