Discover the Juicer Portable Power System — a self-contained, robust, portable battery power solution. Experience all day power of 2000 watts without the drawbacks of generator noise, fumes, or fuels. With an impressive run time of 8 hours or more, it serves as the perfect companion for powering field PA systems.

2000 WATTS


Juicer is approved for indoor use by WGI


Juicer has a runtime of 8 hours or more
on most PA systems


2000 watt pure sign wave inverter, 4000 watt surge capacity, 200 amp-hour deep cycle AGM batteries, and professional wiring

"This product is a must-have for every high school marching band looking to upgrade their current power solutions."

Adam Casiano, John Paul Stevens High School

"Not a stretch to say it saved our season."

Julius Stevens, Springdale High School

"It's one of the best purchases we've ever made; we used it at literally every marching band rehearsal and performance last season."

Sam Minge, East Clinton High School

"We love our Juicer. We have used it through two marching seasons and it has never let us down, and we really put it to the test."

Wes Canaday, Elkhart High School

"From the lot to the field and everywhere in between, the Juicer has surpassed my expectations."

Mike Schofield, Kingsburg High School

  • 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter
  • 4000 watt surge capacity
  • 200 amp/hr deep cycle AGM batteries
  • Professional wiring
  • Built-in battery charger, battery status, volt meter, and shutoff protection
  • Active cooling fans
  • Optional Rolling Transport Cart with handle
  • Heavy-duty, no-flat wheels